Jesus Navarrete

I like to divide my life as "before" and "after" Silicon Valley. I'll mention here the after because what happened before can be seen in my LinkedIn. Back in Mexico in 2013, I had an amazing experience that helped me discover my purpose: helping people get what they need in order to achieve their goals through technology. I realized the thing that hurts me most is seeing unhappy people wishing they could be doing something else and not feeling successful enough, so I decided to do all I can to improve that. Since I already knew the best place to make a big impact in tech is Silicon Valley, I took a plane with the small savings I had to figure out the best way to build a product that helps everyone start doing what they want the most instead of waiting for something else to happen. One week after the day I landed, I met a group of entrepreneurs from different countries that also came here with just an idea and small savings. Since then, we have lived together, met hundreds of entrepreneurs from all around the world, and found many hacks to get anything you want from Silicon Valley. Some of us even run out of money at some point, but that didn't stop us and now some in this group have created multimillion dollar companies.

After four years in the Valley and the creation of 2 startups that helped me understand deeper the root of the problem I came to solve, I discovered that most cases of people not doing what they want most in life are linked either to the effects from the beliefs they developed while growing up or mental health issues. My second startup helped me clarify what's the main factor affecting our mental health nowadays (mentioned in the book), as a result I redefined my purpose as "Decreasing significantly the amount of people suffering from mental health issues and increasing the amount of people achieving their goals". Yes, I have a big challenge ahead (as you may think).

Now with the book, I want to help more people outside our Silicon Valley bubble transform their ideas into the next amazing service or product we use everyday. I may not be the best person to tell you how to IPO a company (I haven’t done that), but I feel very confident to help you significantly with your first stages before raising series A. I went through these stages here, made a few things right, learned from my mistakes (together with the lessons from living with some of these Catalysts), and discovered how to hack several parts of it.

By the way, if you'd like to see a bit more of what's inside my mind, feel free to stalk my Twitter. If you want to say hi, feel free to contact me.