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Richard, Silicon Valley HBO.

Richard, Silicon Valley HBO.

If any of these 24 things sound familiar to you, get the book today (or stay the same).

  • You want to avoid the +3 months (if you're lucky) it usually takes to figure out how things work in Silicon Valley and get the best it offers for your startup or idea since day one

  • You want to know more into detail what makes Silicon Valley founders so powerful and get for your startup the same resources they have gotten

  • You still think that you need to learn how to code first or how to be good at doing X thing before launching your startup

  • You want to know how to live in Silicon Valley the cheapest possible and get the best out of it the fastest

  • You still think you can’t reach out to the most influential person in your industry worldwide right now either for help, a partnership, or just to learn

  • You have a plan to spend 3–6 months or more just developing your product or service instead of launching any progress during the next couple of weeks (please, don't!)

  • You have heard Silicon Valley is the most expensive area to live in almost the entire World (which is true), so that’s why you haven’t come

  • You have trouble answering all these Y Combinator application questions about your idea or startup

  • You haven’t gotten a minimum of $1000 worth of a service/help through Twitter yet

  • When you can't afford something you truly want or it’s almost impossible to get (for any reason), you don’t regularly find unusual ways or alternatives to actually get it

  • Twitter is not your secret weapon for reaching out to top leaders and people discovery. It isn't your most impactful source of news either

  • A Visa related issue is stopping you from coming to California or doing business in USA

  • Money is the main thing stopping you from starting your startup or moving forward with it

  • You think Silicon Valley is a sort of intimidating Martian land where you are less likely to succeed

  • You’re trying to create a startup while keeping your full time job (good luck with that!…) or while you’re still a full time student

  • You are planning to come to Silicon Valley to “do networking” or attend all the meetups and events you can fit per day (sigh...)

  • You’re having trouble raising money or getting your product/service ready to be launched

  • Your family doesn’t want you to become an entrepreneur and your friends don't understand it well, so this makes you a bit depressed

  • You are not from California and you'd like to help your country first, but you also ambition to go global

  • You think you can’t get customers before building your product/service

  • You just want to be an entrepreneur and you attend as many startup events as you can, but you don’t know how to start yet. You call yourself a “startup lover” or “startup enthusiast”

  • You call yourself “Innovator” or “Visionary” (not even Elon Musk and Steve Jobs call themselves like that, so there may be some misunderstanding there. The ones I’ve actually met that truly are may never call themselves that way)

  • You have read the top trendy startup books during the last years like The Lean Startup and Zero to One together with all Paul Graham essays, but haven’t launched one yet

  • You are an investor who still thinks you should get more than 20% of a company when seed investing less than $3M USD, while many promising foreign entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley can regularly get that amount for less than 20% equity

In the book you'll see how you can get all these points right and how to apply it to your startup. If you'd also like to read the book intro, click here. Crowdfunding supporters will get it earlier!